July 14, 2024

1. Record Submission Fees: Submitting a record for consideration on the Credence Book Of World Record website may be subject to a fee. This fee covers the cost of verification, processing, and potential inclusion in our records database.

2. Cancellation of Record Submission: Users may cancel their record submission at any time before the verification process has commenced. Once the verification process has started, cancellations may not be possible. To request a cancellation, please contact us at [Your Contact Email].

3. Refund Eligibility: Refunds may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Duplicate Payment: If a user unintentionally submits multiple payments for the same record submission, a refund for the duplicate payment may be issued.
  • Technical Issues: If technical issues prevent the proper processing of a record submission fee, resulting in an overcharge, a refund may be issued.

4. Refund Process: To request a refund, users must contact us at credenceworldrecords@gmail.com with relevant details, including the payment transaction ID and a brief explanation of the refund request. Refunds will be processed within 7 business days.

5. Non-Refundable Circumstances: Refunds will not be provided under the following circumstances:

  • Record Rejection: If a record submission is not accepted or verified, the record submission fee is non-refundable.
  • User Error: Refunds will not be issued for errors made by the user during the submission process.

6. Changes to Record Submission Fees: Credence reserves the right to modify record submission fees at any time. Changes will be effective immediately and will not impact record submissions made before the date of the fee adjustment.

7. Contact Information: For any questions or concerns regarding the Cancellation & Refund Policy, please contact us at credenceworldrecords@gmail.com.

By submitting a record on our website, you agree to abide by the terms of this Cancellation & Refund Policy.