July 14, 2024

Welcome to the domain of extraordinary physical prowess, where Tukuna Turuk stands as the indomitable force behind the record-breaking achievement of “Most Push-Ups (Finger-tips) in One Minute,” an astounding 110 push-ups. Turuk’s unparalleled dedication and strength have propelled him into the prestigious Credence World Record. This website is a testament to Turuk’s exceptional fitness journey, showcasing a display of endurance and determination that defies conventional limits.

Explore the video documentation of this incredible feat, marvel at Turuk’s physical prowess, and join us in celebrating his remarkable achievement. Tukuna Turuk’s feat of 110 finger-tip push-ups in one minute is a testament to the heights that human determination and physical fitness can reach, setting a new standard in the world of world records.

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