July 14, 2024

Breaking Barriers with 1050 Nonstop Taekwondo Kicks


Master Yuganth G

Welcome to the Credence Book of World Records, where we celebrate extraordinary achievements that push the boundaries of human potential. Today, we spotlight Yuganth G, a taekwondo prodigy whose exceptional talent and determination have earned him a coveted place in the record books.

Yuganth G’s remarkable feat of performing 1050 nonstop taekwondo kicks in just 9 minutes and 25 seconds is a testament to his unparalleled skill and endurance. With each precise kick, Yuganth demonstrates the power of discipline, focus, and dedication in achieving one’s goals.

As we honor Yuganth G’s incredible accomplishment, we invite you to witness the awe-inspiring display of his taekwondo prowess. Join us in celebrating Yuganth G’s remarkable achievement and his well-deserved recognition in the Credence Book of World Records.

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